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Vidareidi Tunnel

Project Description

Landsverk (the public roads administration on the Faroe Islands) has signed a contract with LNS and Faroese Articon concerning building the Hvannasund-Vidareidi project, which is a landslide prevention and transport project on the northernmost part of the Faroe Islands. The project is another in a list of several road and tunnel projects on the Faroe Islands in recent years. The project entails building a 1,900 metre tunnel and constructing about 3,600 metres of surface road. The road is being built in accordance with standard class H1 with a road breadth of 7.5 metres/6.5 metres of roadway and a tunnel profile of T 8.5. The contract entails constructing and securing the Vidareidi tunnel including water and frost protection as well as drainage and road building with asphalt for the entire section.

Project Details


Development Type

Country / Developer



Budget / Cost

Estimated at 16.2M USD



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