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Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, Kaidi Finland, second-generation biofuel refinery

Project Description

Kaidi’s goal is to enable world-class bioenergy production in Finland. The company plans to build a biodiesel refinery in Kemi that will produce 200,000metric tons of biofuel per year, of which 75% will be biodiesel and 25% biogasoline. The second-generation biomass plant will use wood-based feedstock, such as energy wood, harvesting leftovers and remaining barks procured from the forest industry, to generate fuel. The biodiesel produced by the plant is claimed to be cleaner and possesses a higher quality than its preceding generation of biofuel and can be blended with fossil diesel in any proportion. Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, one of China’s largest biorefining actors and the owners of Kaidi Finland, began the preparation and planning process of the Kemi biorefinery project in 2014.

Project Details


Development Type

Country / Developer



Budget / Cost

Estimated at 1.761B USD