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Kåge & Sävar Saw Mill

Project Description

Kåge Sawmill is a modern plant that is constantly being developed and improved. The sawmill applies the very latest technology in a number of areas to optimise the yield from each log along its 45-metre saw line. The mill’s efficient units specialise in the production of high-quality whitewood and redwood products. The sawmill is the largest seller of sawn whitewood in northern Sweden. Situated close to local ports, the plant has substantial capacity for customisation, for example in the area of drying. The raw material is sourced from slow-growing forests in Västerbotten and Norrbotten. Its geographic location puts Kåge Sawmill in a superb strategic position logistically. Sävar Sawmill is an efficient band saw line with a high yield. The sawmill specialises in the production of high-quality whitewood and redwood products. The modern plant employs X-ray technology, with the world’s first CT Log integrated directly into the saw line. The sawmill enjoys a location with many logistical benefits, including close proximity to a container port, which ensure highly reliable deliveries. The raw material is high-quality pine and spruce from Västerbotten and Ångermanland.

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