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Jokkmokk Iron Mines AB, Kallak Iron Mine

Project Description

Jokkmokk Iron Mines AB (foremerly Beowulf Mining Plc) Exploration of the area has shown findings of 25-45% iron in the ore and an estimation is that the deposit contains at least 600 million tonnes of iron that could be extracted over 60 years. For every 10 million tonnes of iron (which is an annual estimate for the first 15 years), 150 million tonnes of aggregate would be extracted. Plans for Kallak: The Company has an immediate three-step plan for advancing the Kallak project, in the event the Swedish Government awards the Concession: In October 2017, the Company initiated the Study to consolidate the technical work carried out on the Kallak project, since the Company first started its investigations in 2010, and to develop the roadmap for advancing Kallak to pre-feasibility stage.

Project Details

Development Type

Country / Developer



Budget / Cost

Estimated at 1.179B USD