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Hannukainen Iron Mine Project

Project Description

Hannukainen open-pit iron ore, copper and gold mine in Finland, is in the process of being reopened. Exploration of the Hannukainen deposit was restarted in 2005. Northland Mines Oy was drawing up operational plans and environmental impact studies in preparation for a mining project, for which it completed a definitative feasibility study. However, the mother company got into financial difficulties, and Northland Mines Oy closed after being declared bankruptcy at the end of 2014. Hannukainen Mining Oy bought all the rights and exploration materials related to the project from the bankrupt estate of Northland Mines Oy in 2015. The planning and permitting processes will last until 2020, when the decision to open the mine will possibly be taken.

Project Details


Development Type

Country / Developer



Budget / Cost

Estimated at 8.5M USD